We Are — Letter from the Editor

We are. 
 It’s a powerful statement to make, no matter the context. It is a message of community, a statement of solidarity, an affirmation of presence. We are. We are.

When I was first asked to take part in this magazine by the supremely creative and energetic star that is Dina Martinez, it was important to me that it captured something of her. And it has. 

Nos Sumus magazine represents Dina’s hopes for a community that is affirming, unafraid to challenge others and itself, as well as have fun and explore what it means to be a woman, to be a man, or to be whatever we are–unafraid, bold and brilliant. 

In these pages you will find essays from stellar men and women on subjects as diverse as empowerment through healthy living, body image issues, dating, social media and pop culture discourse, and living authentically in your passion.

This magazine is our arms opening. We hope you’ll embrace this for what it is: the start of a longterm friendship, an ongoing dialog and most of all a message.

Together, we are.

Steven B Williams