Letter From The Editor Issue 1.2

we are…empowerment

Tragedy. We’ve had our fill of it these past few months. From the horrific events at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, to the terrible loss of life in Syria, Baghdad, and beyond, it seems there is almost a daily reminder of all that can be terrible in this world. Our hearts go out to those who are hurting, while we put our minds at work to find solutions, be they backing progressive political candidates, taking part in direct peaceful actions and more. At a time like this, though, it would be easy to feel we have little power.Whether in our personal lives or in the wider world, we could be forgiven for feeling like there is no way to create the lives we want, both for ourselves and for others. That’s why this issue we’re talking about empowerment. What is power, what does it feel like when it is stolen, and how can we ensure that when we have power we are effective at helping others discover their path. Plus, we have an in-depth interview with the incredible comedian Lizz Winstead who talks to us about how her organization Lady Parts Justice is helping to empower women who are being denied their constitutional rights to healthcare and abortion access. Laughter might not cure all, but Winstead proves that it can often be good medicine.