The Power of Letting Go

What if stepping into your power meant letting go?

When we think of being empowered or accessing our power, we understand by now that it means an internal power, not what someone or some situation can offer.  

But we often think it’s about gathering up something within us. Acquiring something that makes us powerful.

Really, we may just need to let go.

We are powerful at our core. Quiet, sacred, connected, flowing, spontaneous power. There is power in the free flow of energy that runs through us. We are spirit — consciousness enlivening our every cell and crack and crevice. So what’s obscuring it? How can we uncover what has always been there?

Feel the need to be different/better/improved? What if that got dropped for a day…an hour…a minute…a breath? Breathe into all your parts, your bruised bits, your broken and battered heart. Accept, allow, embrace what is present right here, right now. Vulnerability is power.

I got on the spiritual path because I felt deficient. There was something “wrong” with me. I’m sure I felt it from the moment I popped out the womb and landed in my challenging family home. So I moved toward spirituality from a place of lack, shame, a need to “get” something so I could finally be OK, lovable, worthy. But what I got was an unravelling. A dissolving. An unfoldment. Who and what I am was always there, just waiting for me to uncover it.

When you have a moment — a glimpse — of remembering what you are, it changes you.

Are you trying to control things? Control is a sticky substance that covers our ever-flowing innate brilliance. Wanting people to be different and therefore helping, fixing, saving, altering them? Yes-ing when you actually don’t want to, because you’re trying to control the situation? So release the need to have others “like” you…maybe for a moment, three breaths, five minutes. Proving yourself, defending yourself, being stubborn — that’s also control. What if you let things and people be? Try it on. You can go back to being an amenable angel or an argumentative a-hole in the next minute. But for a breath or two, let go of the need to make the present moment any different than it actually is. Let people be who they are. Let the moment shine in whatever way it is shining. What’s underneath this moment when you allow it to just simply be?

Life is perfection unfolding in its messy, beautiful, sometimes horrible ways.

My spiritual practice has given me incredible freedom. Growing up with abuse, I became a people pleaser. I couldn’t bear for people to not like me. So I sold my soul to be what they wanted, whether that meant being broken or being the one who saves the day. It was exhausting.

As a comic, I want the audience to laugh at me. But often, it would spill over into defining myself according to whether the audience liked me that night. Yeah, as a comedian, it’s my job to make the audience laugh. But sometimes they don’t. That’s how it goes. Now I find myself looking out at the crowd and relaxing: I’ve let go of needing them to approve of me. This is my job, but it’s not all I am. There is freedom in this. I don’t need to control everything. Life becomes more of an experimental art project.

Don’t remember what you are? The spiritual path is about remembering who you are…or more accurately, what you are. Our practice is to keep connecting with Source; with our pulsating, vibrant, living, breathing souls and to remember this is all just experience living itself through us. The details of our life don’t ultimately define us. It’s not who we are. We are vast, ever-changing, ever-expanding. Can you play the game of life as spirit in a skin-suit without getting caught up in the ego-ic world of proving and pushing? Without seeing your worth and identity through your job, your relationship, your resume, your checking account balance?

When you have a moment — a glimpse — of remembering what you are, it changes you. If you experience enough glimpses of what you truly are, your mind will say: “I give up!” and you won’t ever forget.

In Eastern traditions, self-realization occurs when we see “I am that”. I am the same force, same light, same consciousness that lives and breathes the very Universe. We all are. Talk about powerful.

We are not separate. We are that. And we know this through connecting to our being.

So can you let go? Can you be and not do…for just a moment? Or two or three? If so, you may uncover that power. And you may find this empowered version of yourself has been quietly waiting for you your whole life.

Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is an L.A.-based actor, comic, and writer as well as a meditation teacher, Reiki Master, and intuitive. She teaches, speaks, and performs all over.