Simply Pansexual

I’m not exactly sure why people feel comfortable talking about their sex lives with me. I host fetish events and walk around in corsets, so in those specific instances, yes, I get that I am literally putting myself out there for people to talk dirty to me. But even in my youth, I was the one advising my friends on french kissing or positive body image. Through the years I’ve learned that it stems from the desire to make people around me feel good. I’m a “people person”.  

Empowered By Queerness

For many years I’ve struggled with identity. From identifying as a fundamentalist Christian to my current identity as a strong queer woman it’s all been a journey. Like all journeys it’s had it’s dips, turns, stops and starts.

Small town Texas was not the most “queer” fostering of places. In fact it was rather opposed to it. As a child who was assigned a male gender it was anything