Weighing In On Life

Weight is an uncomfortable topic, no one wants to talk about it and acknowledging the problem is even harder. It did not occur to me that I even had an issue until my grand champion of a doctor kindly sat me down and said “I am concerned Sam, your vitals are perfect however you have gained 15 pounds since our last visit and now you are not at a healthy weight” Had this sentiment come from anyone else they may have had one of my leopard print Manolo Blahnik heels stuck in their forehead however it was coming from Dr. S, the doctor who constantly supported and advocated my global endeavors. When Dr. S speaks, I listen-his concerns are trustworthy ones!

Empowered By Queerness

For many years I’ve struggled with identity. From identifying as a fundamentalist Christian to my current identity as a strong queer woman it’s all been a journey. Like all journeys it’s had it’s dips, turns, stops and starts.

Small town Texas was not the most “queer” fostering of places. In fact it was rather opposed to it. As a child who was assigned a male gender it was anything

Boy Meets Girl Rewritten

Why is it always the same story? Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy cheats on girl or girl cheats on guy. Horrible, ugly divorce, joint custody of the dogs (or worse children) and what started as something so beautiful falls to pieces in front of family and friends. Why can’t two people fall out of love, have that hard conversation and gently separate lives in a caring and loving way? Why does it always have to light on fire and publicly burn?

#WeAre Proud!

President Obama has officially dedicated the Stonewall Inn, largely considered the birthplace of the modern LGBT rights movement […]