Simply Pansexual

I’m not exactly sure why people feel comfortable talking about their sex lives with me. I host fetish events and walk around in corsets, so in those specific instances, yes, I get that I am literally putting myself out there for people to talk dirty to me. But even in my youth, I was the one advising my friends on french kissing or positive body image. Through the years I’ve learned that it stems from the desire to make people around me feel good. I’m a “people person”.  

Empowering Leaders: Checking the Ego and Sharing Power

I’m currently working in St. Lucia with a group of undergraduate students facilitating a leadership academy for St. Lucian teens.  On day one of the academy, one of the more experienced teenagers asked the university students, “What is the best way for a leader to empower someone?”  The college student didn’t know how to answer that. I didn’t know how to answer that. After some thought though, this is what I came up with.  

Regardless of where one places themselves on the spectrum of leadership, we all empower others.

People Steal Power, Get Over It!

We’ve heard over and over again that no one can steal your power. That within the power dynamics it us who choose to relinquish power to those who wish to steal it. That’s bullshit. Let me explain.

There are times when we are able to stand in our power and hold firm within the knowledge of who we are and what we deserve. When people come in to take that power, we are firm

Weighing In On Life

Weight is an uncomfortable topic, no one wants to talk about it and acknowledging the problem is even harder. It did not occur to me that I even had an issue until my grand champion of a doctor kindly sat me down and said “I am concerned Sam, your vitals are perfect however you have gained 15 pounds since our last visit and now you are not at a healthy weight” Had this sentiment come from anyone else they may have had one of my leopard print Manolo Blahnik heels stuck in their forehead however it was coming from Dr. S, the doctor who constantly supported and advocated my global endeavors. When Dr. S speaks, I listen-his concerns are trustworthy ones!